Top 5 Best Instant Cameras

Best Instant Cameras

Our lives are filled with unforgetabble moments that deserve to be captured and shown in a physical form, not just in our memories. You can do that with an instant camera that prints out your photos soon after you’ve captured them. Here are 5 of the best instant cameras right now.

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Instax Mini 8

Instax Mini 90

Instax 300

Instax Mini 70


Our Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
ColoursBlack / White / Yellow / Blue / Purple / Raspberry / PinkBlack / BrownBlackWhite / Yellow / BlueBlack / Blue / Purple / Red
Picture Size62 x 46mm62mm x 46mm62 x 99mm62mm x 46mm53 x 86mm
Built-In Flash
Light Adjustment
Double Exposure
Bulb Exposure
Tripod Mount
Battery2 x AA BatteriesNP-45A Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery4 x AA Batteries2 x CR2 Lithium-ion Batteries4 x AA Batteries
Included Accessories• Hand Strap
• 4 x AA Batteries
• Shoulder Strap
• Rechargeable Battery
• Battery Charger
• Shoulder Strap
• Macro Lens
• Batteries
• Hand Strap
• Strap Ring
• 2 x CR2 Lithium-ion Batteries
• Wrist Strap
• 4 x AA Batteries

Top Features | Best Instant Cameras

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  • Picture Size – This relates to the size of the printed photo area. The actual film will be slightly larger as there will be white space around the picture.
  • Light Adjustment – You can manually control the brightness of the photo to suit background lighting. Some instant cameras will have an auto light adjustment and will not allow you to manually control it.
  • Double Exposure – Allows you to merge two pictures into one for more creative photos.
  • Bulb Exposure – Allows you to snap photos that are minutes long rather than seconds. This creates a stretched or warped type imagery which is perfect for scenes where there are street lights, fireworks. lightning and other lighting.
  • Macro – This is a setting on a digital camera that allows the photographer to focus on subjects that’s close to the camera lens, especially small or detailed objects such as plants and insects.
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Here’s a short video review and demo of the hugely popular Fujifilm Instax Mini 8.

An Instant Camera Is Great for…

Giving immediate memories to friends, family and others.

In today’s society, photography is hugely popular and can range from artistic shots to selfies. People love to have photos on their phones or tablets to browse, photos to hang on their walls, photos in their wallets or purses and photos for photo albums.

An instant camera gives people the option to print images straight after taking the photo. It does not require any connection to other devices as the photo is printed from the camera itself. In order for this print to happen, all that is needed is an instant camera and special film specific to that model.

The special film is made with a chemical packet that will be released across the film in order to develop the image that has just been taken. When the print comes out, you will see there is a white border framing the image which gives it a retro look. It is simple to use the special film, it just needs to be loaded into the camera.

Having an instant camera can be fun as you can see your final shot immediately. This is ideal for someone who loves to take photos at parties as the photos can be given out straight away as souvenirs instead of waiting for it to be uploaded online or printed out at a later date.

If you’re someone who does a lot of art and crafts, this would be suitable for crafts such as scrapbooking.

With an instant camera, it offers people more privacy as well because the photos are not stored digitally so they cannot be accessed by anyone else. It makes the photo more special because there is only one print of it. However, if you intend to share your photo, you could always scan these in and upload.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera
An instant camera allows you to immediately print out photos and give it to whoever you want.

Tripod’s Are Always Useful

Being able to stand your camera on a tripod is useful particularly if you have shaky hands. An unsteady hand can ruin shots by causing them to come out blurred or it could affect the positioning. This is not really ideal when you have instant photos printing out as it will ruin your shot and waste your special film.

What to Look For in an Instant Camera

In the instant camera market today, many of these tend to print instant mini photos measuring 86 x 54 mm which is wallet sized. However there are some brands that have instant cameras that will print wider format photos.

Having a large film is suitable for group photos at parties or gatherings as faces and expressions will be clearer in the printed image.

Wide format instant cameras usually have a tripod socket built in as well which is useful for taking group photos. However, be sure there is a self-timer function so that you can get in the shot as well. Very few come with a remote control instead.

Focal Zoom Dial

This would be ideal too which will help you to adjust the distance of the shot before taking the shot. It will save you from having to get everyone to move back or towards the camera.

Shooting Options

Most instant cameras are just point and shoot but some will have automatic functions such as close-up lenses or automatic exposure control. With an automatic exposure control function, this ensures bright backgrounds and subjects are captured even in dark scenes.

The shutter speed and flash is adjusted and calculated automatically so you don’t need to do anything. Having this feature is ideal if you tend to take photos in dark scenery, on gloomy days or during the night.

Flash and Brightness Adjustment

Having the function to manually turn on or off a flash allows you to control how much light will be required in your shot. Being able to adjust the brightness on your camera would be ideal as well as this allows you to control the brightness of your photo. These features are particularly useful for indoor or night time shots.

Different Lenses

Some cameras will come with or have the option of compatible lenses that can be screwed on. Having different lenses are great for artistic shots and allows you to experiment with different angled shots. For example, a fisheye lens allows you to take 170 degree circular snapshots and a close-up lens takes detailed close ups without blurring.

If the instant camera you want does not have the option of extra lenses, then check the modes that are featured in the camera. For example:

  • Macro mode will enable you to take close up shots.
  • Kid mode helps you to take shots of fast moving subjects such as children.
  • Landscape mode gives you the option to take shots of distant subjects.

Having different modes enables you to perfect and give you the shot you want.

Today’s instant cameras have a new feature that is not found on vintage ones. Most instant cameras now have a mirror attached next to the lens so that you can position yourself in the shot correctly. The right shooting distance is also provided. This is called the selfie mode and of course, ideal for selfies. There are other modes on instant cameras that allow you take creative shots.

Bulb Exposure Mode

This mode can capture expressive or vintage style photos because of the shutter. When the shot is taken, the shutter remains open for a few seconds which allows light streaks into the shot. This type of mode is perfect for night time attractions and views.

Double Exposure Mode

With this mode, two different pictures can be taken by pressing the shutter button twice. Then the two images can be combined into one frame which gives a very unique shot. Having this mode gives you a chance to get creative and find a truly unique shot.

Rechargeable Battery

Depending on the instant camera you decide on, it will come with a rechargeable battery pack or you will need to buy batteries for it. A rechargeable battery pack will save you more money but only downside is you will have to keep a spare on you in case it runs out if you plan to use it a lot when you’re out.

Whichever instant camera you decide on in the end, it will surely provide you with opportunities to experiment and create unique shots that you cannot get with digital photography.