Top 15 Best Corner TV Stands

Save space and make the most of an awkward layout.

Top 15 Best Corner TV Stands

Top 15 Best Corner TV Stands

Sometimes the best place to put a TV is in the corner of the room, as it saves space and makes the most of an awkward room layout. Coming in wooden and glass designs, take a look at our top 15 best corner TV stands where home cinema will become the focal point.

Best Wood TV Stands

Heart of House Kent

15. Heart of House Kent

Made from solid oak and veneer, the Heart of House Kent wooden corner TV stand comes fully assembled and ready for use. This wide unit can hold TVs up to 48 inches and gives plenty of storage with an open shelf and two drawers.

A large hole at the back of the open shelf helps to keep cables tidy as well. Sturdy and durable, this stand is worthy of the price it’s going at.

Buy the Heart of House Kent – £219.99


Luxe Collection Oakland

14. Luxe Collection Oakland

Compact but offering lots of storage space, this Luxe Collection Oakland TV stand is the best corner TV stand for a small lounge. With a height of 65cm, this stand offers two open shelves and one drawer to hide clutter.

The stand is higher than many TV stands but it gives great viewing pleasure from the comfort of your sofa without the need to tilt your head down.

Designed with traditional black metal drop handles and constructed from solid oak, this TV stand will fit in nicely with a traditionally styled home.

Buy the Luxe Collection Oakland – £239


Candor Corner TV Stand by Three Posts

13. Candor Corner TV Stand by Three Posts

The Candor Corner TV Stand by Three Posts makes the management of cables straightforward and completely hassle free.

How? It’s because of the open back within the open shelf. This opens up the option of displaying multiple games consoles and media players to make the ideal entertainment system.

If the open back isn’t enough ventilation for all these peripherals already, the sides are also designed with open bars so there’s no need to worry about anything overheating.

There’s additional storage with the bottom drawer and peripheral boxes can be tucked underneath the TV stand too. Self assembly is required but it doesn’t take long and the stand is stable which can accomodate TVs up to 61 inches.

Buy the Three Posts Candor – £169.99


TECHLINK Riva Sound | RV100SW

12. TECHLINK Riva Sound | RV100SW

Stylishly designed in wooden walnut veneer and glass, the Techlink Riva Sound glass corner TV stand complements a home of modern technology very well.

What sets it apart from other TV stands is that it has a built-in soundbar which can be connected through optical, Bluetooth, 3.5mm or coaxial. The sound quality is excellent to a cinematic level which makes this stand great value for money. It also offers plenty of space with the two shelves and cable tidy holes.

Buy the TECHLINK RV100SW – £299.99


Habitat Max Corner AV Unit

11. Habitat Max Corner AV Unit

With a design that’s reminiscent of saunas, the Habitat Max Corner AV Unit wood corner TV stand will make a bold statement piece in the lounge.

Featuring a ventilated drawer that pulls down, inside reveals one shelf to create two open compartments. This helps to hide everything and there’s a cable tidy hole to keep cables neat when it’s opened. The best thing about this corner TV stand is that the drawer doesn’t even need to be open to enable the remote to work.

Buy the Habitat Max Corner AV Unit – £250


Corona by Mercers Furniture

10. Corona by Mercers Furniture

The Corona TV Stand by Mercers Furniture is of a solid Mexican design that’s built to the ideal height for 32 inch TVs. It has an open back in the open shelf to give plenty of breathing space for peripherals and managing cables. Then there’s the mega spacious cabinet for lots of DVDs, CDS, games etc. This stand is great value for money and is built to a good quality of standard.

Buy the Mercers Furniture Corona - £75.99


Luxe Collection Dakota Mango Wood

9. Luxe Collection Dakota Mango Wood

Any living room with a vintage styled decor will appreciate the ready assembled Luxe Collection Dakota Mango Wood corner TV stand with its classic style.

With its beautiful dark colour gained from the blend of wooden grains within the solid mango wood, this piece of furniture screams pure luxury and high quality at an affordable price.

There’s an excellent amount of storage space with two open shelves in the middle complete with cable tidy holes, four open side shelves and four small drawers – all perfect for organising your entertainment area.

Buy the Luxe Collection Dakota – £179


Copenhagen Corner TV Unit

8. Copenhagen Corner TV Unit

Fashionable and smartly designed, the Copenhagen Corner TV Unit has a handle-free cupboard on each side, an effortless glide drawer and two open middle shelves. It offers plenty of space for everything TV related within a small home and a tidy appearance with cut out holes for cable management.

Striking black colour option will complement a stylish home decor and the classic oak effect is perfect for homes with a modern or traditional theme.

Buy the Copenhagen Corner TV Unit – £119


Collection Kingsbury

7. Collection Kingsbury

Made with real oak and oak veneer, the Collection Kingsbury corner stand offers a more antique style with its bronze effect handles on the single drawer and grooved edge detail on top.

Two cubby holes complete with cable openings offer an area for peripherals to be displayed. The size of this unit is generous and can fit TVs up to 43 inches – ideal for a family room.

Best Glass (with Wood) TV Stands



With a sleek and glossy curved design, the Techlink Bench B6B makes a great piece of furniture in any modern technological home.

Featuring two spacious glass shelves behind tinted glass doors, remote controls and game controllers will continue to work without needing to have the doors open. The doors are kept in line with the sleek look without handles and uses magnetic door latches making it easy to open too.

Buy the TECHLINK Bench B6B – £199.99




The Techlink Riva TV unit offers an elegant open shelving system within its design which is perfect for displaying your electronic peripherals.

The three black glass shelves perfectly complements the colours it comes in of walnut, light oak or piano black. It’s pretty easy to assemble and conveniently, gloves are included to prevent fingerprint marks too.

Buy the TECHLINK Riva - Price not available


SERANO Corner TV Stand | S110MSG11X

4. SERANO Corner TV Stand | S110MSG11X

The Serano Corner TV Stand is a classic design made with smoked glass, wood and metal in a piano black colour. It features two open back shelving units which gives plenty of ventilation to electronic systems and cables can be easily managed through the tidy holes if needed.

For the price, it looks expensive yet it’s priced reasonably. Not bad for one of the best corner TV stands that’s of a premium standard.

Buy the SERANO S110MSG11X – £129.99


HOME Matrix Glass Corner TV Unit

3. HOME Matrix Glass Corner TV Unit

Like many glass corner TV stands, the Home Matrix Glass Corner TV Unit also has an open back shelving design. This helps to show off the unit to its best and makes maintenance of it easy.

There’s no cable management system within the three shelves of this stand but keeping cables tidy can be done through the open back.

Finished in a chrome plated design with a black or clear glass choice, this stand will suit a contemporary home and will be affordable for every budget.

Buy the HOME Matrix – £69.99


TECHLINK B3B Corner TV Stand

2. TECHLINK B3B Corner TV Stand

Featuring a curved design, the Techlink B3B Corner TV Stand keeps pointed glass corners to a minimum making it a bit safer for homes with young children.

Constructed from wood and glass and finished in black, this TV unit complements many types of TV stylishly and can fit TVs up to 55 inches. The overall look is smart and offers enough space within the two large cubby holes.

Buy the TECHLINK B3B – £169.99




Constructed from titanium and glass, the Techlink Skala provides the ultimate lightweight solution for TV stands. It may be light but it’s strong and can hold a TV up to 50 inches.

The design looks futuristic with its brushed metal finish that curves elegantly under the lightly tinted glass which will suit homes of a contemporary and sleek style.

The sides and back are open but there is the option to install the cable management tidy system. For its quality and unique design, this is one of the best corner TV stands to give your lounge some character without spending a fortune.

Buy the TECHLINK Skala - Price not available