10 Best Radio CD Players Reviewed

Listen to your favourite music, whether old or new.

Top 10 Best Radio CD Players Reviewed

Top 10 Best Radio CD Players Reviewed

Find the best radio CD player for you our reviews of the top models on the market. A radio CD player is ideal for almost everyone, from teens to the elderly thanks to its ability to let you tune in to your favourite radio shows and to play your beloved CDs.

Easy to operate, a radio CD player will bring you everything from thrilling radio dramas to jazz classics at the touch of a button. Moreover, because these devices are low in cost both to buy and to operate, they are ideal for anyone who is keeping to a tight budget. Below, we review 10 of the best radio CD players with and explain their key features and selling points. You can also compare them in our comparison table here.

Best Radio CD Players Reviewed

Groov-e GVPS713 Boombox Radio CD Player Review

10. Groov-e GVPS713 Boombox

OUR RATING 3.8 out of 5 stars

Buy the Groov-e GVPS713 Boombox

Plays from seperate MP3 players, mobile phones and tablets via the line-in socket
Comes in several different colours to match any bedroom

The GVPS713BE radio CD player by Groov-e is a good choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable no thrills device. The headphone jack is a big plus as it enables users to listen personally to music or radio programmes.

For this reason, this is also an excellent choice for anyone who wants a handy little radio CD player to put on their bedside table so that they can listen to something as they drift off to sleep without disturbing others in the room.

Many users purchase this radio CD player for children, as it is very easy to use. This user friendliness is reflected in the simple controls and intuitive, ergonomic design. It also comes in plenty of different colours match any bedroom.


Duronic RCD008 Radio CD Player Review

9. Duronic RCD008

OUR RATING 4.1 out of 5 stars

Buy the Duronic RCD008

  • Sleek and contemporary look that will suit any room
  • Line-in port to play music from tablets, mobiles and MP3 players
  • Great value radio CD player which is ideal if you’re on a budget

The Duronic RCD008 is another excellent device for anyone who is on the lookout for an affordable, lightweight and portable radio CD player. The chic, almost futuristic looking design of this device means that it will appeal to all kinds of music lovers.

A simple LED display keeps you up to speed with the track number, whilst the presence of a headphone jack means that you can use this as a personal listening device as well. Many users particularly liked this radio CD player as it can play tunes from an external device such as an iPod, iPad and an Android phone or tablet.


Lenco SCD-24 Radio CD Player Review

8. Lenco SCD-24 Radio CD Player

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Lenco SCD-24

  • Improve reception from FM radio using the telescopic antenna
  • Create your own personal playlist with the 20 track programme mode
  • Slanted top design for easier access to controls and CD loading
  • Comes in 5 vibrant contrasted colours – ideal for the stylish individual

The Lenco SCD-24 is a light and compact portable boombox that packs quite a powerful punch. Its top loading and slanted design makes it very user friendly, and the large curved carry handle ensures that it is no trouble to move from place to place.

The SCD-24 from Lenco can be programmed for up to 20 tracks so you can create and enjoy your own music playlist, and it has a headphone jack for personal listening, and a repeat function to playback the same track again.


Philips AZ215 Radio CD Player Review

7. Philips AZ215 Radio CD Player

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips AZ215

  • 20 track programmable function allows you to save your favourite songs
  • Songs will deliver more punch with the Dynamic Bass Boost function
  • Plays music directly from an MP3 player, tablet or mobile phone via an audio-in cable
  • Plays rewritable discs which is ideal if you have copied CDs

Deep bass and versatile playback is the forefront of the Philips AZ215 radio CD player. This is immediately clear from the design – the two large round speakers are unmissable and announce themselves as meaning business as soon as you look at the device. Dynamic bass boost ensures that you will get a deep rich sound with every song that you play.

A simple LED display keeps you up to speed with which track you are playing. Meanwhile, the ability to play rewritable discs is handy if you have copied CDs and enjoy creating your own playlists.


Philips AZ127 Radio CD Player Review

6. Philips AZ127 Radio CD Player

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips AZ127

  • Dynamic Bass Boost increases depth in audio
  • Programmable for up to 20 tracks ideal for creating your own playlists
  • 5 mm audio-in port allows easy connection to external devices to playback music
  • Plays cassettes as well

This is another cool and contemporary radio CD player from Philips that places great emphasis on providing the richest and most fulfilling bass sounds possible. Slightly larger than the other devices reviewed on our list, the Philips AZ127 is nevertheless still lightweight at only 1.9 kg and easy to carry around.

This is one of the only radio CD players on this list that also plays cassettes, so it will be of particular interest to any music lovers who possess music stored in this older format.


Roberts CD9960 Radio CD Player Review

5. Roberts CD9960

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Roberts CD9960

  • Sturdy carry handle makes it easy and safe to carry around
  • Deep bass boost for a bold and rich sound
  • Three radio wavebands (LW, MW and FM)
  • The cassette player is great for anyone who is still old school

The CD9960 radio CD player by Roberts offers a versatile radio and top quality CD and cassette player. Use the intuitive tuning knob to access LM, MW or FM radio stations, and you can get a deeper and more dramatic sound thanks to the deep bass boost feature.


Philips AZ105 Radio CD Player Review

4. Philips AZ105

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips AZ105

  • Increase audio depth with the Dynamic Bass Boost function
  • Audio-in jack allows you to connect and play music from other devices
  • Simple and user friendly design – easy for children and the elderly to operate
  • Large controls and knobs for easier operation

The Philips AZ105 is probably the most user friendly radio CD players on our list due to its large controls, clear front digital screen and simple design. The audio-in port is great for anyone who wants to use this device’s powerful speakers to play their favourite tracks from their tablet or phone, and rewritable discs can be played back if you have a bunch of copied discs.


Roberts CD9959 Radio CD Player Review

3. Roberts CD9959

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Roberts CD9959

  • Front radio tuning to tune into your favourite radio stations much easier
  • Powered by either mains or batteries for better portability
  • Robust carry handle for durable transportation
  • Deep Bass Boost brings out those bass notes for excellent sound quality

The CD9959 radio CD player by Roberts offers a compact and convenient design. Tune into FM, MW or LW radio frequencies using the easy access and striking blue front dial, and select up to 20 of your favourite tracks with the programmable mode. Many users are impressed with the sound quality compared to other radio CD players.


Sony ZS-RS70BTB Radio CD Player Review

2. Sony ZS-RS70BTB Radio CD Player

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Sony ZS-RS70BTB

  • DAB Radio presents more stations and more audio clarity
  • Play music directly from a USB memory stick
  • Stream music wirelessly from your tablet or mobile phone via the Bluetooth NFC connection
  • 6 watts of power provides bigger and louder sound output

If versatile connectivity is a priority for you, then the Sony ZS-RS70BTB is the perfect radio CD player for you. You have the choice of listening to the DAB radio, or playing music through the CD player, Bluetooth NFC, USB and audio in.

This is the most advanced model on our list of the best radio CD players and the price tag goes to show that. However, it’s the best option for the tech savvy and audio lover that has various devices loaded with music.


Sony CFD-S70 Radio CD Player Review

1. Sony CFD-S70 Radio CD Player

OUR RATING 4.8 out of 5 stars

Buy the Sony CFD-S70

  • Subtle and premium appearance that compliments a clean home
  • Set your radio to turn off automatically at a certain time with the sleep timer function
  • Plentiful 30 presets to save all of your favourite radio stations
  • Cassette player with recording function for those who prefer old methods of music playback
  • Play music from your tablet, mobile phone or laptop via the audio-in jack

Although the Sony CFD-S70 is not the most expensive radio CD player on our list, it definitely offers more than most – You can record music from CDs to cassettes, playback rewritable and MP3 CDs, set the radio to automatically turn off so you can doze off to sleep without worrying about leaving it on, and preset up a massive 30 radio stations to quickly access your favourite stations at the press of a button.

The Sony CFD-S70 is widely regarded as one of the best radio CD players not only by us, but by many users too, simply because of its great value for money. It’s worth spending that bit extra for a wider range of functions and sound quality.

What to Look For in a Radio CD Player

  • Power Wattage – This can be defined as energy consumption over time. Radio CD players with high power wattage will (if battery operated) require more powerful batteries, and will cost slightly more to run than lower wattage devices.
  • Type of Radio – There are various types of radio on the market, including portable transistor radios, digital radios (DAB radios) that switch cleanly and automatically between a wide range of stations, and analogue radios that are tuned manually by twisting a knob. In addition waterproof ‘shower radios’ can be taken with you into the bathroom or placed beside a swimming pool.
  • Cassette Player – A feature that enables you to play cassettes as well as CDs on your radio CD player. Not all modern radio CD players have cassette playing capabilities, and not all users want to play cassettes any more.
  • MP3 CD Playback – Practically all modern radio CD players should have the ability to play MP3 CDs, which is basically a writable CD loaded with MP3 files rather than recorded as a standard audio CD. This method of writing a CD allows more audio files to be stored onto the disc.
  • Clock With or Without Alarm – There’s no need to purchase a separate clock when you can just use the time display and alarm on your radio CD player to wake you up in the morning to your favourite radio station. Because of the convenience, this feature is highly desirable.
  • Bluetooth Connection – Play music remotely and wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection. This feature is not a top priority for everyone, but can be an asset if you use several Bluetooth connected devices (such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones) around your home or office.
  • NFC Connection – A Near Field Communication connection is an alternative to Bluetooth. It uses electromagnetic wireless technology to connect your radio CD player to other devices. As its name suggests, an NFC connection only works over a short range.
  • Headphone Jack – A port for connecting headphones to your radio CD player so you can listen to the device more discreetly and without disturbing others.
  • Line-In – Another port that allows you to connect and play other devices – such as separate MP3 players, tablets and mobile phones – via an audio cable. This type of wired connection uses less power and is often clearer.
  • SD Card Connection – This enables you to connect a Secure Digital (SD) card to your radio CD player. An SD card is a small, slim little plastic card that is high in memory and can contain hundreds or thousands of songs and albums.
  • USB Connection – Another method of playing audio files from an external device, which in this case would be a portable USB memory stick.
  • Size and Weight – The weight and dimensions of a radio CD player will dictate how much space you need and how easy it is to carry around which could be of high importance to the elderly.

Final Word | Best Radio CD Players

Keep in mind that although radio CD players have been modernised, most of them are still limited in regards to sound output and the latest technology. That’s because they’re not designed for the serious audio philia, rather the simple person who just wants to enjoy the radio with options to playback different sources.

Whether you are looking for something compact, a device that offers big bass, something to play your cassettes on or a digital radio that will give you the audio clarity you desire, you’ll find what you’re after on our list of the 10 best radio CD players.